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    Discover the joy in every package, a sensory journey from the moment you unwrap.

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    Savor the rich, layered aromas that transform your space into a sanctuary.

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    Don't just discard—upcycle our packaging for a second life and a greener planet.

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luminaries Collection

  • arc lighter

    Arc Lighter

    A modern, flameless solution for lighting with precision. Rechargeable, eco-friendly, and designed for safety

  • tealights

    Tealight Candles

    Classic, ambient lighting with our premium tealights. Perfect for setting a warm, inviting atmosphere

  • arabicawaxwarmer

    Wax Warmer

    Elevate your scent experience with our elegant wax warmer. Designed for aesthetics and functionality.

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What makes the Candle Arc Lighter different?

The Arc Lighter is flameless, using an electric arc to ignite, making it safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional lighters.

How long do the Tealight Candles burn?

Our premium tealights typically provide a burn time of 3-4 hours, offering consistent illumination.

Is the Standalone Wax Warmer electric?

No, the wax warmer use tealights to melt the wax. Electric warmers will be available in future.

How do I recharge the Arc Lighter?

The Arc Lighter comes with a USB charging cable. Simply connect it to a power source until fully charged.

Are the tealights scented?

Yes, all our tealights are scented with assorted fragrances.

How do I clean the Wax Warmer?

Once the wax cools and solidifies, it can be easily popped out or wiped with a cloth. Ensure the warmer is cool before cleaning.

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