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rechargeable arc lighter

rechargeable arc lighter

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

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Arc Lighter: Ignite Your Senses, Sustainably

Our Arc Lighter is a testament to this, offering a sustainable way to ignite your aromatic experiences.

Designed with eco-consciousness in mind, this lighter uses electricity instead of fuel, making it a reusable and eco-friendly choice.

As you ignite your scented candles or wax melts, let the Arc Lighter serve as a reminder that small changes can make a big impact.

This product uses a rechargeable lithium battery, and the booster assembly can raise the low voltage of 3.7 volts to a high voltage of 7KV near the frequency of 15KZ, which can produce a high-frequency voltage and a high-temperature arc in the air that can light cigarettes, gas stoves, candles, dry leaves, and other flammable materials.

Order to make the intelligent choice with the Arc Lighter.

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light it up

Ignite Sustainably

a game-changer in the world of lighters, leveraging advanced technology to offer a safe and sustainable experience.

  • Intelligent Charging

    Built-in smart charging circuit ensures efficient battery recharge.

  • Multiple Safety Features

    Automatically cuts off power to prevent overuse and has a 10-second automatic power-off.

  • Convenient Storage

    Comes with a metal hook for easy hanging.

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working principle

Utilizes a rechargeable lithium battery and a booster assembly to generate a high-frequency voltage and a high-temperature arc.

built-in features

Intelligent charging circuit, multiple safety protections, and a 10-second automatic power-off timer.

design & usability

Convenient metal hook for hanging and a 5-cell power display light.

easy to use

how to use arc lighter?

  • safety

    ensure charge

    Before you can light up the world, make sure lighter has some power.

    If not, Simply insert the included USB charging cable into the port on the side of the lighter.

    Connect the other end to a computer or any other USB charging device. It's as easy as charging your phone

  • Safety, Always First

    Our lighter comes with a built-in safety switch to ensure it only lights up when you want it to. To activate, slide the safety switch upward.

    This unlocks the power button, making the lighter ready for action. Always remember to slide it back down after use.

  • arc

    Ignite in Style

    Press the power button and watch the magic happen—lighter produces a high-temperature arc that's ready to light whatever you need. And don't worry about that "zhi zhi zhi" sound you hear; that's just the pulse arc doing its job efficiently.

    Release the button, and the arc stops, simple as that.

got questions?

we have answers

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Is the Arc Lighter safe to use?

Absolutely, safety is one of our top priorities. The lighter comes with multiple safety features like overuse discharge protection and a 10-second automatic power-off to ensure a safe lighting experience. The built-in safety switch also acts as an additional safety layer, preventing any accidental ignition.

How long does it take to fully charge the lighter?

Great question! A full charge takes about 60 minutes, which is incredibly efficient. You'll know it's fully charged when all five indicator lights stop pulsing and remain static. This means your lighter is ready to go, offering you a long-lasting use until the next recharge.

Can I use it for outdoor activities like camping?

You bet! The lighter is designed to be your trusty companion for all kinds of adventures, including camping trips. Its robust build and high-temperature arc make it ideal for lighting campfires. Plus, the metal hook allows you to hang it securely, keeping it within easy reach.

What should I do if the lighter is not working properly?

First, check the power indicators. If only one light is showing, it's time to recharge. If the issue persists, reach out to our customer service for troubleshooting steps. Remember, our product comes with a warranty, and we're always here to help you out. We will refund or replace the product, no questions asked.

What makes this lighter different from regular lighters?

This isn't just another lighter; it's an experience. Traditional lighters use fuel, which can be both hazardous and less eco-friendly. Our lighter uses a rechargeable lithium battery and produces a high-temperature arc, offering a cleaner, more sustainable, and more modern way to light up your world.

we are here for you

got more questions?

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What if my product arrives damaged or defective?

We take utmost care in packaging and shipping. However, if you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact us immediately. We'll arrange for a replacement or refund, no questions asked.

How reliable is your shipping and delivery?

We partner with reputable courier services to ensure timely and safe delivery. You'll receive a tracking number to monitor your package every step of the way.

What if I change my mind after receiving the product?

We understand that sometimes things don't work out. That's why we offer a hassle-free 7-day return policy. Simply return the unused, unopened item, and we'll process your refund.

How secure is my payment information?

Your security is our priority. We use advanced encryption methods and secure payment gateways to ensure your information is protected at all times.

Elevate Everyday Moments

Meet Your Daily Flame Game-Changer

From outdoor adventures to kitchen endeavors to festive celebrations, EcoFire Arc Lighter is your go-to for quick and efficient ignition. Its versatility simplifies your life in countless ways.

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