scented moments

essence of home

A small word, yet brimming with life's essence.

Filled with modest joys, radiant and true.

Quiet laughter, shared meals, and hearts entwining.

The stage for life's most meaningful scenes, graced by those you hold dear.

Minbati enhances these cherished moments.

With fragrances that uplift and engage, sparking fond memories and dreams.

Turn any ordinary day into something a touch extraordinary, celebrate the now, just because.

Because the simple joys of each day deserve more than a glance—they warrant your full heart.

That's the allure of home.

welcome to minbati

Your Cozy Corner for Mindful Living

So, you've stumbled upon Minbati—consider this a warm, heartfelt welcome to our little sanctuary! We're not just a brand; think of us as your go-to friend for making your living space feel more like 'you.' Our fragrances are more than just pleasant scents; they're your day-to-day rituals, little pauses, and mindful moments rolled into one.

  • Love in the Air

    Isn't it amazing how a scent can evoke the deepest emotions and memories? From your first date to quiet Sunday mornings together, the right fragrance can be a silent yet powerful love language. With Minbati's carefully curated scents, you're not just filling a room with aroma; you're filling it with love, making every moment spent together even more special.

  • The Science of Scent

    Ever wondered why certain smells make you feel a certain way? It's not magic; it's science! Scents have a direct pathway to our brain's emotional center, helping to regulate mood and even improve well-being. So, the next time you light a Minbati candle, know that it's more than just a pleasant aroma; it's emotional well-being, simplified.

  • Holistic Living, One Scent at a Time

    In a world full of hustle, we often neglect the simple joys that contribute to holistic wellness. Scents play a role here too! Whether it’s for relaxation, focus, or even romance, the right fragrance can set the tone for your entire day. It's a small but significant step toward a balanced life.

scent matters

why home fragrance?

  • A Scent for Your Thoughts?

    Imagine a scent that's not just a background note but a catalyst for mindfulness. Whether you're deep into yoga, or just love to pause and breathe, our fragrances add that extra layer of intentionality to your daily rituals.

  • Natural Goodness for You

    We get it, the 'natural' label gets thrown around a lot. But here, it's not a buzzword; it's a promise. Our products offer you a clean, green way to enrich your life, one scent at a time.

  • Friend of the Earth

    Ever worried about your footprint on Mother Earth? So have we. That's why we're committed to eco-friendly practices, like using soy wax and essential oils. It's our way—and yours—of giving back to the planet.

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Our Ingredients

Sustainably sourced natural ingredients and IFRA Certified essential oils that enrich your life and protect the planet

Our Ethos

A commitment to wellness and mindfulness through eco-conscious practices and quality products.

Our Vision

Creating sanctuaries of well-being in every home, one mindful scent at a time.

Scented Stories

discover your next favorite scent

You've heard our story, felt our passion, and understood our vision. Now, meet the scents that make it all come alive.

Each fragrance in our collection is a chapter in the Minbati story, ready to become a part of yours.